Energy Compliance & Conservation

Welcome to the Energyx2 network; We lead the energy conservation sector by managing the administration, assessment and record keeping associated with energy compliance and energy conservation for portfolio managers.

Energyx2 work with UK Asset Managers, Land Agents and Country Estates across the UK. Our work delivers full EPC Compliance and a route for EPC Exemptions for residential and commercial property.

Energyx2 Nationwide Services

Working with established strategic partners we have developed a national framework for administrative, logistical and property maintenance services. Unlike others the Energyx2 service delivery is focused on and around energy compliance and conservation. As such we provide a belt-and-braces approach and manage projects from start to conclusion, taking the burden of tenant contact and 'coal face' management.

Energyx's standard services are detailed below. For further information or to discuss bespoke solutions for your specific portfolio contact us.

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Energyx2 solutions are best suited to commercial clients but suit selected private portfolio owners and rural Estate Offices very well indeed. A typical portfolio instruction would include: historic property, stately homes, listed buildings as well as tenanted residential and commercial properties. Energyx2 has extended public liability and employers indemnity insurance cover to £10,000,000.

Energy Conservation

Understanding energy conservation is simple; 'the art of reducing energy consumption via efficient technology while adopting measures that minimise energy loss.'

The international community and incentives to reduce green-house gas emissions in efforts to reduce climate change are driving the development of the energy conservation sector.

Energyx2 provide a broad range of 100% funded UK E.C.O. (energy company obligation) measures. We are also continually working with strategic partners to develop privately funded ZERO-cost options specifically designed to support portfolio owners and managers in the wake of any legislative change.

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EPC Exemption

We developed our EPC exemption service in order to manage suitable and qualifying portfolio assets affected by the changes to the regulatory environment from 1st April 2016. Now Tenants can apply for consent to carry out energy efficiency improvements in privately rented properties, from 1st April 2018, buildings with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of F or G can no longer be marketed for rent or lease; further rules come into effect from 1 April 2023 and non-compliance will attract a financial penalty linked to the rateable value of a building. Tenants of lower rating properties will have the right to ask landlords to make improvements to epc ratings and this is a huge burden for portfolio owners and managers.

Exemption for individual properties can be claimed under certain conditions and working with high profile legal advisers we have developed a compliant and effective route for residential EPC exemption. The application process is fully managed by Energyx2 independently, following a process of assessment and due diligence.

If you have properties within your portfolio that you think are suitable for EPC exemption make contact with us and outline your objectives via the button below.

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EPC Compliance

2016 saw the first of a dramatic shift in EPC rule function for UK residential and Commercial property. The changes can dramatically affect administration and capital expenditure for both residential and commercial property managers across the UK.

Energyx2 manage the minefield of compliance, site surveys, administration and record keeping. From agricultural multi generation tenancies to long term tenanted property Energyx2 understand the issues surrounding your portfolio.

Energyx2 advise against adopting an 'epc everything' approach. Our PRE-EPC solution is designed to assess and inform portfolio managers in advance of taking such steps.

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ZERO Cost Energy

Energyx2 are not financial advisors; we work with a range of commercial and private lenders in order to support a broader spectrum of options for specific clients projects. Projects include: community heat utility schemes, commercial and domestic PV Re-acquisitions and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

We are continually innovate with private lending partners so that we can offer a wider range of zero cost energy conservation solutions, and this is what enables us to minimise capital expenditure when upgrading property assets.

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ZERO Cost LED Switch

The large-scale installation of LED lighting particularly for commercial application saves businesses thousands of pounds quickly. For portfolio that includes units with high lighting volume we can quickly assess the compelling financial savings you could make immediately. Our solutions include funding packages that will pay for a retro fitting of LED for rural business units, stables, barns, workshops, or a countryside estate wide project.

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District Heat Schemes

Energyx2 advocate collective heat provision for communities within the UK. Increasingly large portfolio managers, housing associations, and council asset managers are choosing to invest in infrastructure that enables them to be removed from the responsibility to buy and maintain boilers for tenants. Energyx2 project manage from concept, system design and implementation, connecting communities, neighbourhoods with energy centres and thermal storage.

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